Dubai’s proactive stance on digital finance is exemplified by its regulatory framework for Virtual Assets (VAs), specifically through the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). Among the regulated VA activities, Category 1 Virtual Asset issuance, particularly for Fiat-Referenced Virtual Assets (FRVAs), represents a critical area due to its implications on financial stability and consumer protection. This guide delves into the essentials of Category 1 issuance, focusing on FRVAs and the stringent regulatory requirements imposed by VARA.

What is a Fiat-Referenced Virtual Asset (FRVA)?

FRVAs are types of virtual assets that aim to maintain a stable value relative to one or more fiat currencies. They do not hold legal tender status in any jurisdiction but serve as a bridge between traditional fiat currencies and the digital asset world, offering a semblance of stability in the highly volatile VA market.

Licensing Requirements for FRVA Issuance:

Entities aspiring to issue FRVAs in Dubai must navigate a comprehensive licensing process outlined by VARA, ensuring adherence to high standards of operational integrity and financial security:

1. Comprehensive Rulebooks: The issuance process is governed by several compulsory rulebooks:

  • Company Rulebook: Establishes the structural and foundational requirements for companies involved in VA activities.
  • Compliance and Risk Management Rulebook: Focuses on ensuring that VAs are issued and managed in compliance with legal and regulatory standards, including anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT).
  • Technology and Information Rulebook: Dictates the technological standards and information security measures that must be upheld.
  • Market Conduct Rulebook: Sets out the behaviors expected in marketing and selling VAs to ensure fair and transparent practices.

    2. FRVA Specific Rules: Detailed in ANNEX 1 of the VA Issuance Rulebook, these rules address the specificities of managing FRVAs, including:

    • Stable Value Maintenance: Requirements to back FRVAs with stable and sufficient reserves.
    • Transparency and Disclosure: Obligations to provide clear and comprehensive information about the FRVA operations, risks, and management.

    Critical Aspects of FRVA Issuance:

    • Reserve Management: FRVAs must be fully backed by reserve assets, which can include cash or cash equivalents and highly liquid financial instruments. These reserves are subject to strict management rules to ensure they can readily support the redemption requests by FRVA holders.
    • Operational Integrity: Issuers must demonstrate the capability to manage the complex risks associated with FRVAs, including market, credit, and liquidity risks. This involves regular audits, risk assessments, and the maintenance of high governance standards.
    • Marketing and Public Disclosures: Entities must adhere to specific marketing guidelines to avoid misleading consumers about the nature and stability of FRVAs. This includes accurate representations of the FRVA’s value stability and the rights of holders.

    Supervision and Compliance:

    VARA maintains rigorous supervisory and enforcement mechanisms to ensure ongoing compliance with its regulations. Issuers are required to submit regular reports and undergo periodic audits to verify adherence to the stipulated standards. VARA’s proactive regulatory approach helps maintain the integrity of the VA market in Dubai, ensuring it remains a safe and attractive environment for both investors and issuers.

    In conclusion, the issuance of FRVAs under Category 1 in Dubai is tightly regulated, reflecting VARA’s commitment to fostering a secure and robust digital asset marketplace. By adhering to these regulations, issuers contribute to the stability and growth of the digital finance ecosystem in Dubai.


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