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UAE Labour Law

The Federal Decree Law No. 33 of 2021 on the Regulation of Labour Relations in the Private Sector, known as the ‘UAE Labour law’, governs the employer-employee relations in the private sector. The provisions of the law apply to all businesses, employees, and employers in the private sector. The law became effective on 2 February 2022. It repealed the previous Federal Law No. 8 of 1980.

The new law seeks to protect both parties in the employment relationship and to provide them with equal access to their rights. It addresses, among other things, working hours, overtime, leaves, vacation, and public holidays, employing minors, employee records, safety standards, minimum wage, termination of employment, end-of-service gratuity payments, and work – related injuries. The new law creates many job modes, including full-time, part-time, temporary, and flexible employment. It prohibits “unlimited” contracts and only allows restricted or fixed-term contracts. It provides new sorts of leaves and addresses concerns relating to employee harassment, bullying, physical assault, and psychological abuse. Forced labour and discrimination based on gender, race, colour, sex, religion, national or social origin, or disability are prohibited under the law.


Typically, employment relationships are considered as a mutual exchange of benefits, with the employer offering a job and pay in exchange for the employee’s labour and talents. While it is true that employer’s benefit from having access to the labour and talents of their employees, employees also benefit from a stable income, job security, and access to benefits such as healthcare and retirement plans. The notion that “one party is doing a favour to the other” is a misinterpretation of the dynamism of work partnerships, because both employer and employee benefit from the agreement. Employers need workers to generate goods and services, while employees need employers to give steady employment and financial security. This reciprocal dependence results in a win-win situation because both sides benefit from the employment relationship.

How Can We Help?

  • Compliance with UAE labour laws:Providing legal advice on the rights and obligations of employers and employees under UAE labour laws, including the UAE Labour Law and the Federal Decree Law No. 33 of 2021 on the Regulation of Labour Relations in the Private Sector, known as the ‘UAE Labour law’.
  • Drafting & negotiating employment contracts: Reviewing, drafting, and negotiating employee-related documents such as employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, service contracts, and end of service gratuity agreements.
  • Representation in labour disputes: This includes representing clients in disputes with employees, such as disputes over end of service benefits, wage claims, termination disputes, and other employment-related matters.
  • Drafting and reviewing company policies and procedures:This includes reviewing and updating a client’s employee handbook and other company policies and procedures to ensure compliance with UAE labour laws.
  • Advising on immigration laws and regulations: Providing legal advice on the laws and regulations related to the sponsorship and employment of foreign workers in the UAE, including obtaining work permits and residence visas.
  • Providing training and seminars: Providing training and seminars to clients on a variety of employment law topics, such as avoiding discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and complying with UAE labour laws.

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