A Legal Guide to Navigating the Regulations of the SCA and VARA.

In an era characterized by rapid digital transformation and the increasing prevalence of virtual assets, it is crucial for businesses to maintain vigilance and knowledge of the ever-changing regulatory environment. The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) of the United Arab Emirates has recently made significant advances towards establishing a regulated environment for Virtual Asset services. To avoid legal repercussions, businesses that intend to provide these services must comprehend the implications of these new regulations and ensure compliance.

Understanding the Mandate.

The UAE Cabinet Resolution No. (111) of 2022 marked a major turning point in the country’s attitude towards virtual assets and their service providers. It authorized the SCA to regulate Virtual Asset transactions and issue licenses to their service providers. In accordance with the subsequent rulings issued by the SCA’s Board of Directors, all Virtual Asset service providers, except for those licensed in Financial Free Zones, must obtain a license from the SCA.

A license from the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) is sufficient for Dubai-based businesses, enabling a centralized registry of all licensed Virtual Asset service providers in the UAE. Businesses must comprehend the distinction and register for the appropriate license based on their geographical operations.

Regulatory Compliance: More than a Mandatory Exercise.

Compliance with these regulations is an integral component of business strategy, not just a legal requirement. The SCA may take legal action for noncompliance, which may include a warning, a substantial fine of up to AED 10 million, or referral to the Public Prosecution.

It is suggested that businesses operating in this industry develop a robust compliance framework. This would require a comprehensive comprehension of the regulations, staff training on compliance requirements, and the establishment of internal controls and monitoring systems to detect deviations.

Key Recommendations for Staying Compliant.

  1. Timely Licensing: Companies intending to provide Virtual Asset services must promptly submit a licensing request to the SCA or VARA as appropriate. Delays or oversights in obtaining the required license could lead to legal ramifications.
  1. Continuous Education: The Virtual Assets sector is dynamic, making continuous learning a necessity. Keep abreast of the evolving laws and regulations related to this industry and consider regular staff training to ensure that your entire team is aware of the compliance requirements.
  1. Investor Awareness: The SCA urges investors to refrain from dealing with unlicensed companies. As a Virtual Asset service provider, it is prudent to make your licensing details easily accessible to current and potential investors. Transparency in business dealings goes a long way in establishing trust and credibility.
  1. Professional Legal Advice: Given the complexity and dynamism of the Virtual Asset sector, businesses may benefit significantly from seeking professional legal advice. Legal professionals can provide guidance tailored to the company’s unique needs, thus helping them navigate the regulatory landscape effectively.

Under the supervision of the SCA and VARA, the UAE has established a robust regulatory framework for the Virtual Assets industry. By guaranteeing comprehensive compliance, businesses can not only avoid legal penalties but also boost their reputation and stakeholder confidence. In this era of digital currencies and assets, compliance with regulatory mandates can help businesses flourish and contribute to the UAE’s financial markets’ sustainable growth. Let’s navigate the future of virtual assets in the UAE with responsibility.


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